Cordros Research

Cordros Research and Strategy division provides unique, deep insights and analysis for clients in the equity, fixed income, currency and money markets. Our research reports feature a wide range of countries and regions, notably Nigeria, wherein we proactively track the issues and trends that affect economies as well as industries and markets. We have a team dedicated to each of the areas we cover and they demonstrate an incomparable ability to generate original insight that can help clients make better investment decisions.

Equity Research
Cordros Research is a recognized leader in providing in-depth analysis and insights on companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. We aim to ensure our clients are well informed through well-researched reports, expert recommendations and market commentary. Our team of sector focused analysts makes recommendations based on exhaustive financial analysis, combined with our localized insight. We cover majority of stocks on the widely tracked NSE 30 index, with particular focus on companies in these sectors: Industrial Goods, Financial Services, Agriculture and Consumer Goods.

Fixed Income Research
Cordros Fixed Income Research publishes timely, in-depth analysis into Nigerian government treasuries and money markets. Fixed Income Research analysts leverage on their deep knowledge of the wide range of variables that influence investment in these markets, and are able to provide market views, forecasts and recommendations for both trading and long terms investment opportunities.

Macro Research
Cordros Macro Research features a wide range of countries and regions. Economic Research analysts provide timely, insightful publications on Nigeria, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. On Nigeria, our research reports are proactive, helping investors better understand the issues and trends that affect the economy as well as its industries and markets.